Friday, October 26, 2007

No mice in the attic..

Oops. Hubby went into the attic Wednesday to get something out. He didn't pay any attention to the cat who followed him in. I didn't notice yesterday morning that the cat was missing, though I registered he wasn't around when I finally got home. This morning he didn't show for his breakfast, so I assumed he'd gone outside with the dog (a favorite trick). After the kids got up, I had them looking under things. Hubby got the bright idea to check the attic and found the cat. So for the last 24-36 hours, my cat (the one that hunts) has been all alone in the attic. The mouse that we saw, we think we killed by accident with the garage door.. but if we didn't I suspect he's not there now..

The cat seems pleased with himself and ready for some attention from humans.. I'm almost afraid to explore the attic for what I'll find..

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