Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mice in the Attic

My husband saw a mouse, running along the braces for the garage door, heading into the attic. Ick. So now I have to fight a mouse.

Step 1 - scatter as many mothballs into the attic as I can stand to smell. Putting quite a few in any open boxes or bags.

Step 2 - remove anything that's been put into the attic to be taken to Goodwill.

Step 3 - clean up the garage so that when I chase the mouse out of the attic it can't hide in the garage.

Step 4 - If it comes down to it, put a mouse trap in the attic. I don't want a mouse trap in my attic. I don't want a dead mouse in my attic.

Step 5 - open the attic up so that the hawk that lives in my neighborhood can happily hunt the mouse for me. (sounds good to me, if only it were a weather tight idea). I suppose I could just let my cats into the attic.. though I really don't want the hairball that'd come out.

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