Sunday, September 02, 2007

Manicure/Pedicures and kids

My best friend's sons decided that they didn't think my daughter needed toys for her birthday. Instead, they informed her that she needed to get her nails done. (Her sons are 8 and 6.) So, off we went yesterday (a few months late, but who's counting?) on a girly trip to get our nails done. My friend found a salon near her home that will do kids as well as adults. There are none of those that I've found near mine.

My daughter thought it was kinda weird, then she saw us getting a spa pedicure. She was pleased when they brought out one of the small foot bubblers for her to use. She wanted to use the big chair, but my daughter is smart enough to figure out that the big chair was just too big. So, off she went.

She had a lot of fun getting treated, even if it took too long in her opinion. Actually, what took too long was the fact that I and my friend were getting manicure/pedicures as well. So, we took a good bit longer than my daughter did. But she's sporting blood red nails with gold glitter on both her fingers and her toes now. She likes showing off her colors to anyone who'll look.

So, we'll do this again sometime. Or at least, I'll take her to get her nails done. I'll probably do mine when she's not around so she doesn't have as long to wait. A girl's day out sounds good. There's a brand new American Girl bistro and boutique at North Point Mall. Maybe a day of nails and a meal at the bistro.

Kudos to my friend's sons. They had the right idea.

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