Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Newsies @AuroraTheatre July 19 - September 2 #ad @bravepratl

I have been offered media passes in exchange for an honest review.  
Review should be posted on July 22.

Inspired by the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899, Disney’s NEWSIES is set to kick off Aurora Theatre’s 23rd season with rousing dance numbers and non-stop fun for the whole family! This high-energy musical is set to soar onto the mainstage July 19 –September 2, where audiences will follow charismatic Jack Kelly and his ragged band of teenaged “newsies” as they strike against an unfair system in New York City at the turn of the century.
Aurora Theatre’s production of NEWSIES stars Greg Kamp as Jack Kelly, Adrianna Trachell as Katherine Plumber, Stephan Jones as Joseph Pulitzer, Russell Alexander II as Crutchie, Marcello Audino as Davey and Mahalia Jackson as Medda Larkin, along with a star-studded ensemble. Audiences will recognize the same creative talents behind Aurora Theatre’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mamma Mia! – direction by Justin Anderson, musical direction by Ann-Carol Pence and choreography by Ricardo Aponte.
Tickets can be purchased through the Aurora Theatre Box office.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Recap and Review of the new Atlanta Comic Con @theatlantacomiccon #convention #geeks #nerds #press

I was invited to attend the new Atlanta Comic Con as press in exchange for my pre-post and posting a review at the end.

I have to admit, I was rather disappointed by the turn out of attendees, especially on Friday.  I knew it would be low (workday and all that), but it was still smaller than expected.  It didn't start until noon, so we picked up our passes and got lunch before diving in.  Our only real confusion Friday was thinking that the convention was in building A (like Momocon), when it was actually in building C.  I mostly wandered to see what was going on where.  There were free 80's type arcade games to play on as well as a room set up to play various XBox games.  I did go to a family friendly freestyle D&D panel, which was interesting (and funny) to watch.

Optimus Prime

Saturday was considerably more interesting.  A lot more people came out for the convention, so there was a lot more going on.  I started my day out by going to the panel featuring Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings and more recently in Stranger Things).   I stayed in the panel area and sat in on Linda Larkin and Paige O'Hara (voice of Jasmine and Belle respectively).


I followed that up by going and visiting with the men from Helluva Productions.   They showed a short film of what they HAD and followed it up with some examples of work from a new animator.   Barring any production or other issues happening between now and then, look for a potentially good new animation out in October (may not be appropriate for younger audiences).


I watched the girls for a while and checked out some of the games in the 1UP game room.  We also took our time going through the exhibitors hall.  I picked up 3 themed mystery boxes while there (the main one being Harry Potter themed) and a hand crafted phoenix figure from HP.  I finished my day up on an HP note with the Matthew Lewis (Neville from Harry Potter) panel.


Sunday we discovered that there was an Atlanta United game.  It made getting in/out of the convention center challenging to say the least.  Otherwise, I attended Renee O'Connor's panel as well as Cary Elwes'.
My son and I attended the Sadie the Science Lady presentation and then finished our con out by watching another freestyle D and D panel, this one aimed at the 18+ group.  Considerably more humorous, but definitely not for the younger set.

Science Rap

There was definitely a good selection of guests in attendance (certainly aided by the fact that Stranger Things is filming in Gwinnett).  They had an app that you could use to keep track of the schedule.  My request on this one would be that you be able to pick the panels you're interested in and make your own calendar to track them (similar to the one used by Momocon).  For the bigger panels, they used 3 rooms together with a lot of chairs.  If the crowd had actually filled the room, the people on the sides would NEVER have seen the panelist.  There were no monitors for them to watch.  Also, the acoustics in the room weren't very good either.  There was a definite echo at times and the speaker would occasionally get lost in clarity.

My daughter would love to see a "quiet space" for those that get overwhelmed or just need a time out for a while.  She and her best friend were also concerned by the price.  It wasn't cheap for a 3 day admission, even getting them online early.  Talking with another attendee, she was concerned that there hadn't been enough advance notice for the cosplayers to really come out in force.  Apparently another con was this weekend and most had travelled for that one.  Hopefully if this one happens again next year, there will be plenty of notice so they can attend.

A kudos to the Gamers on the Edge group that sponsored the 1UP video game room.  The girls really appreciated being able to play games aimed at multiple players and fewer single person games.  I liked the fact that they were supporting the Children's Miracle Network with both a raffle and an item sale.  We entered the raffle (didn't win) and I got a beanie.  Though I suspect the beanie will be taken over by one of the children at some point.

 If it does happen again next year and a larger number attend, they'll need more panels.  My son would suggest fan-run panels or something similar.  He appreciated the scheduling tasks, but isn't one to appreciate sitting an hour in between panels he finds interesting.  The panels he DID attend, though, he definitely enjoyed.

All of us agree, for a first year con, well done!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Atlanta Comic Con! #fangirl #HarryPotter #MatthewLewis #LordoftheRings #SeanAstin #Disney

So I'm off to the World Congress Center to check out the new Atlanta Comic Con.  Follow me on instagram to see more up to date photos and impressions during the weekend.  I'll post an update next week on all that I've seen.  In the mean time, I'm off to fan girl over some of the guests and check out some of the panels.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Words of Encouragement #WordsforWednesday

I have those days where it's all I can do to focus on the immediate task at hand to not feel overwhelmed by what is (or not) happening.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Campus Tours and college prep #GeorgiaCollege #daughter #HighSchoolSenior

I'm taking my daughter on her final campus tour today.  This one is the most likely candidate for her.  She still likes Wesleyan and Agnes Scott, but funds are a big factor.  It still won't be inexpensive.  Given the distance, she'll have to live on campus.  She isn't likely to have transportation, unless we get really lucky, so there's that too.  She starts her final year of high school in August, so now we have to work on what's next.

I'm not forcing my kids to go to college.  But, given their chosen areas to work in, it's hopefully beneficial.   I've done all I can to get them ready for stepping out, I only hope it's enough.  In the mean time, we're off to see what campus looks like and start the process for applications.

Friday, July 06, 2018

A day out at Stone Mountain Park @seektheweekend #StoneMountainPark #family

I won a family four pack of tickets to Stone Mountain Park through the web site Seeking the Weekend.  My family spent a day out at Stone Mountain Park yesterday. We started the day off by canoeing on the lake for about an hour and a half. Enjoyable, but tiring. It was actually my daughter's idea. She got the idea that she wanted to go canoeing. When I won tickets, it gave us the motivation to go.

When we got off the water, we headed over to Crossroads for lunch and other activities.  My only complaint here is that lunch was EXPENSIVE.  It was an okay meal (we ate at Campfire Grill), but still cost way too much.   We made our way through Crossroads, stopping for a little bit to watch the glass blowing demonstration.  We walked up to the train station as it was loading, so we took advantage of it and loaded up.  There were no stops like there used to be.  You used to be able to get on/off at the trail to climb the mountain, that wasn't an option this time.  There was a "show" of sorts, using trivia that the host gives you on the ride.  Your car has a actor/player as does the other cars.  They then compete in various "events" to see who will win.

When we got off the train, we decided to play a round of putt-putt (mini golf).

We were very hot at this point and getting to the point of being ready to stop.  So we headed over to the cable cars and went to the top of the mountain.

All together we had a great day as a family.  We didn't use the tickets to do the ropes course or check out the dinosaurs that were out there..  Canoeing took a lot more out of us that we expected, especially in the heat.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018