Friday, June 24, 2016

Korean Barbecue at Honey Pig @HoneyPigUSA

Last week was my daughter's birthday.  As a tradition in our family, the birthday person gets to choose a restaurant (or type of restaurant) to go out to celebrate.  Rarely are we "on time" to do dinner, but that's ok.  My daughter's choice this year was to go out for Korean.  We could have just driven down Buford Highway and found a spot, but I decided to try to do some research first.  My research brought me to Honey Pig.

The meat cooks on your table, sort of hibachi style.

We chose to get their combination platter. That includes a selection of 5 meats, 4 cuts of beef and 1 of chicken. You also get sprouts, mushrooms and kimchi.  This was the first cut of meat cooking with the sprouts, mushrooms and kimchi.

This was the prime rib.

I stopped taking pictures at this point to concentrate on eating. It was a LOT of food. The menu suggests a minimum of 3 people for the combination platter. It fed the 5 of us with a little left over that we took home. The servers were very attentive, helping us with the meat. Each meat was put on the cook top separately, with the chicken being cooked last. It wasn't cheap, but it was VERY GOOD. I fed the 5 of us for around $150 (not including tip).

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Walk in the Woods #CascadeSpringsNaturePreserve #Atlanta

We haven't been as good about getting out and exploring new parks like we'd planned.. something about the heat being a bit too much.  We did finally get out, though, last Friday.   We drove to the southwest part of Atlanta and explored the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve.  Just inside 285 off of Cascade Rd.

It is very shaded (it is a wooded area) and thus helps against the heat.  Some of the trail is paved, but not the majority.  The total trail is around 2.7 miles, we walked about 2 miles worth of it.

The falls themselves

Pump house

A spring house

A very nice walk/hike.  A bit out of the way for visiting often, but both of my kids enjoyed exploring the area with me at the time.  There are civil war earth works scattered throughout, so watch for those as well (they're not well marked).  My favorite part (other than the walk itself) is the little spring house above.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Learning to use a sewing machine on Maker Monday #diy #maker #sewing @TheSewingStudioInc

I took my daughter to the Sewing Studio.  While there, we learned to PROPERLY use my sewing machine and she put together two drawstring laundry bags.  I think we have a bit more learning to do, but some of it makes more sense now.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Exploring Ponce City Market for lunch @simplyseoulllc @simplyseoul @poncecitymarket

So in keeping with the goal of a new restaurant each week (new to us, any way), my kids and I went out on my daughter's birthday to the Ponce City Market for lunch.

Just for fun, these were on display on the food hall.

There are quite a few options for eating in their food hall.  We ended up trying Simply Seoul.  We each had a 2 bulgogi bun combo, which comes with a bottled soda.  My son had one beef and one chicken.  My daughter had two chicken.  I had a beef and a mushroom.  There was also a pork version, but we didn't choose it this time.  We all agreed that it was just the right amount for lunch and that it was very good.  I fed the 3 of us for about $30.

As we hadn't been there since it's opening, we took the time after lunch to explore the shopping too.  There is free parking on the street (very limited), or a pay-to-park lot.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Center for Puppetry Arts and the Little Pirate Mermaid @CtrPuppetryArts

I was given two tickets to preview the show in exchange for my honest review.

I had to use this photo as it was in the entry between the ticket window and the theater/museum area.  I grew up with Labyrinth, so I felt the need to sit on the throne.

The show "Little Pirate Mermaid", though, was very good.  It is definitely aimed at the younger crowd.  The one warning I would give (and they give at the theater as well) is that there is canon fire and flashing lights.  At least one small child at our preview ended up in tears as a result.  So if you think your child might have issues with those, you might want to pass.

On the other hand, though, the story line is very cute and very predictable.  There is some humor that will likely go over kid heads, but nothing bad.    My daughter and I were both impressed by the sets and the puppets.  They were wonderfully done and the puppeteers did a great job with them.  The story follows a young mermaid who wants to be a pirate. It takes a sort of 'Little Mermaid'-esk story, with most of the plot line playing off of that.

The show is running until July 17th.  You can find more information about the show on the Center for Puppetry Arts site.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Foodie #restaurants #newtome #LucianosRistoranteItaliano #FortuneCookie

Well, not really foodie. Neither I nor my kids are what I would call foodies.  At any rate, we set a goal for the summer to visit restaurants that we'd never been to before (one per week).  This is the first two that we've visited.

The first restaurant was "Fortune Cookie" off of North Druid Hills Road.  A small Chinese restaurant.  I had the chicken with Chinese vegetables.  Very good.  As with all Chinese restaurants, though, it was more than we could eat.  I fed my daughter and I for about $20.

The other restaurant was "Luciano's" on Sugarloaf Parkway.  It's in the shopping center right across from the Arena.  My kids and I felt rather underdressed in our shorts & tees, but the gentleman at the entrance assured us we were ok.  We didn't eat big meals.  My son had a chicken cesar salad, a larger salad than the one I had (below).  My daughter had a lunch special with a half salad and half flat bread.  Very good, very attentive staff.  I fed the 3 of us for about $30.