Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

Educator's Day at the @WorldofCoca-Cola #hosted #learn #teacher #student #WorldofCocaCola

I was invited to attend Educator's Day at the World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, and Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Were you aware that you can take your child (as a home school student) or your school can take your child to the World of Coca-Cola and actually LEARN while they're there?  Admittedly, it's aimed more at 8th-12th grade students, but still.  What better way to learn than hands on while doing something fun?

You can actually do the same thing at the Georgia Aquarium (not as surprising) as well as at the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  All three make great resources to utilize when possible.  The World of Coca-Cola welcomes school field trips throughout the year, and dozens of Georgia Performance Standards can be fulfilled at the attraction. World of Coca-Cola offers a teacher toolkit on its website, which outlines all of those Standards and provides pre- and post-visit activities to assist with lesson planning.

I took my family along with me for the day.   The Coke Museum is always fun, especially to try the sampling floor.  We always end up talking about what the different cultures like in flavors.   Hubs hadn't had Beverly (or at least didn't remember having tried it), so we made sure he did.

 It was my son's and husband's first time visiting the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  They found it very interesting and informative.  It would be fun to go back when they're having a special event to learn something new.

The Aquarium opened up the back education loop for educators.  We were able to see the top side of Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Coldwater Quest (belugas), and River Scout.  Neither of the boys had ever been up there, so they had a blast.  I hadn't had a chance to see the puffins (I stopped volunteering before they were in place), so that was neat to see.

All together, we had a lot of fun.  If my kids were younger, I'd definitely make an effort to include some of the learning points the three facilities provide.  As it is, I recommend it to fellow educators and home school parents to give it a look over.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Fat frustrations #tryingtolose #notsucceeding #frustrating #depressing

I started a medication last November to help the cluster headaches I was getting.  The doctor warned me that it might make me gain weight.  Between November and June, I put on 10 pounds.  I made an effort in June/July to bring it down by taking a water aerobics class.  I was also walking at least a mile.    I managed to get 1 of the 10 pounds off.  When school started, water aerobics class wasn't an option, so I kept up with walking.  I also started one of those one month challenges which has me do exercises in increasing amounts. 

Trying to adjust my diet, I started paying more attention to my calorie intake too.  I noticed that regularly, I don't even get 1000 calories in on my diet.  So I decided to work on that too.  Unfortunately, it backfired.  I managed to add 2.5 pounds on instead of losing.  So very annoying and frustrating.

I still have a 5K to run at the end of the month and I'll be running the 10K at Disney next spring.  So I guess I'll revise my goal and shoot to have it all gone by next spring.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Have a good labor day weekend! #DBF #DecaturBookFestival

Once again I'll be going out to the book festival this weekend.  I'm not sure if I'll go Saturday or Sunday (leaning toward Sunday), but I'll be out there.  I know, DragonCon is this weekend too.  I can't take the crowds at DragonCon.  Too many people in too small spaces.  So, I'll stick to my books.

Whichever event you attend (if either), I hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday Munchies - new @SnackFever box #daebak #KoreanSnacks #trysomethingnew #affiliate

I can't say much about most of it yet, I've only tried a couple of the items.  The jelly drink was melon flavored and did well as a snack while at school.  There are rice cakes in there that I've tried one and it was good.  The rest is awaiting sampling.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Review of Nunsense at the Lyric Theatre in Marietta @bravepratl #sponsored

My daughter and I went to see the Marietta Theatre Company perform Nunsense at the Lyric Theatre (in exchange for our review, we were given tickets to the show). We got there early, so we went to eat at Hemingways on the square. We weren't particularly hungry, so we just ordered appetizers. The waitress (didn't get her name) was funny. She came to our table with our apps and let us know nothing had been dropped or otherwise affected. She then stated she felt like she should start singing "Be Our Guest". My daughter and I tried to convince her to go ahead, but she wouldn't.. so after she left we did it for her. I mention it because it was great customer service.

So, on to the show..

The program had 5 performers, each did a great job.  The show is VERY irreverent, so if you're easily offended by dad jokes or such, I wouldn't go.  On the other hand, my daughter and I found the program very funny.   The story line runs that a few nuns from NJ leave the convent to play BINGO with another group.   Meanwhile, at home, the rest of the nuns are killed by botulism thanks to bad stew/soup.  The show starts with 5 of the surviving sisters doing a fundraiser to help bury the last 4.

It's a fun musical with each of the 5 contributing stories to entertain.  More than that, though, their interactions with each other (and the audience) make it priceless.  I loved the way the actresses portrayed their characters.  Even when technical difficulties happen ("Help me ObiWan"), they carry on with the story and keep it seamless.

My daughter and I usually have our favorite performers in the show.  It isn't meant to say the others weren't good, it's just that these were our picks of the night.  For my daughter it was the Novice, Sister Mary Leo (played by Megan Martell).  For me, it was a hard choice, but I'll go with Sister  Robert Anne (played by Kate Metroka).  All 5, though, did an excellent job.  Our only problem with the evening was some mic problems, fortunately with the small space it was a minor problem.

The show runs through September 1st.  Tickets run $25 for general seating.  There are options for dinner plus show, as well as VIP tables.  The theater area itself is small with no bad views in the house.    Next show up is The Toxic Avenger, not recommended for children (border between PG13+ to R primarily for language).