Thursday, March 15, 2018

Checking in..

I haven't been posting much lately, so I thought I would check in with what's going on.  Really?  Not much.  Effectively, I've been working full time as a substitute teacher.  By the time I get home, I usually crash for a while until time to make dinner.  I haven't crafted any props for my daughter.  I haven't been out to do very much either.  Once the weather settles down, I'll get outside and work some in my garden, but I haven't done that yet either.  So I guess no news is a good thing, but it doesn't make for a productive blog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mamma Mia! @AuroraTheatre #hosted @bravepratl#ATMammaMia #AuroraTheatre

I was given tickets in exchange for my review.

My daughter and I were given the opportunity to see Mamma Mia! at the Aurora Theatre Sunday. It was a packed house. There was no prerecorded music, background vocals were performed by the ensemble while off stage. Most of the shows at the Aurora are sold out, however they're bringing the cast and performance back in June at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech. They've even reserved one of the decks for parking, so that you can park free.

The show itself, though, was great. Well done performances by everyone involved. There was a glitch in the audio system that dropped the mics, but the cast continued through without pause until it was corrected. My favorite part of the show was "Does your mama know?". I have always loved the character of Tanya, and she's well done by actress Terry Henry. My daughter's favorite character is also Tanya, but she really loves the ending of the show. Regardless of our favorites, though, I was impressed by the ensemble as much as by the main characters.

The show runs until April 22nd at the Aurora Theatre and from June 9-24th at the Ferst Center. If you go to the Aurora Theatre you'll also find a "Dip Box". It will automatically donate $5 when you "dip" your credit card into it. Cute idea.

Monday, February 26, 2018

#24K Still with 24U - Atlanta #24KintheUSA #concert #kpop #Atlanta #트푸케이

I wasn't able to use my little point and shoot camera for the concert, so this is all phone quality. This was the first time I've ever done high touch/group photo.  They're just as squishy up close as they are on the screen.

I did get a couple videos of some of the songs.  Kisu wanted us to enjoy the last portion of the show without video/camera, but I couldn't resist getting them doing Superfly.  Here's the link to my playlist.

The boys did an awesome job and I do hope they're able to do another tour in the future.    If they do, hopefully they'll have time in between travel/shows to be able to tour.  I know  Hongseob would love the World of Coca-Cola.  We could send Jinhong to one of the bigger malls for the Apple store.  Cory/Jeonguk might enjoy visiting one of the local rap/hip-hop recording studios (and artists).  I'm sure with more thought I'd come up with something for Kisu & Chanagsun, but my brain has stopped functioning for now. 

Anyway, my girls and I had a blast at the concert.  I'm glad the boys got the chance to tour the US.  I wish all the best for them in the future and look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Snackfever box #SnackFever #Daebak #SnackFeverFam #affiliate

We received February's box yesterday. My daughter and I immediately dug in to see what we could find.

This was just cool. They're basil seeds. You plant it up to the indicated line and let it grow.

My daughter and I have already cleared out the Cacao Nibs cookies (yum!), the Wasa Beef (wasabi! top right picture), the watermelon gummies (middle left), and the little candy straws (middle left).  The lemon honey almonds (middle left) won't have long to stay. I also tried the grape jam cracker (top left).  This box won't last long in this house.  Not pictured was a small poltice pack (to be filled with cold or warm water) and a pink bracelet.  Those wandered off somewhere and I forgot to put them in.  If you're interested in trying it out, it does come with a booklet that tells you about the snacks you are trying, so it's not totally blind tasting.  Check out my affiliate link to the right.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Lunar New Year! @AtlantaChineseLunarNewYearFestival #family #culturalexperience

I took my daughters to the Atlanta Chinese Lunar New Year Festival yesterday. We had a lot of fun and ate plenty of great food. Being me, I loved the drums and the dragons.

Fireworks to start off the dragon dances.

Monday, February 12, 2018

First Date @mariettatheatrecompany #ad #FirstDateMarietta @bravepratl

I was invited to attend a media show in exchange for my honest review.

From the company flier:

"Marietta Theatre Company is pleased to debut its third production of the 2017-2018 season -- First Date. A romantic musical comedy written by Austin Winsberg,  First Date will run from February 9 through February 24 at the Lyric Studio on the Square. The award-winning play wittingly depicts the desires and desperations of dating, starting from the awkward first date -- all put to the score of Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner.

Since its original production at Seattle’s A Contemporary Theater in 2012, First Date has brought the all-too-real challenge of looking for love in the city to commiserating audiences around the world. Starring Ashley Prince as Casey and Chris Saltalamacchio as Aaron, both making their Marietta Theatre Company debuts, hopeful and hopeless romantics alike will revel in this relatable off-Broadway show."

If your friend or family member set you up on a blind date, what would you do?  How would you react?  A very irreverant presentation of the "what not to do" aspects of a first date.  A small cast of 7 people present what would happen "if".  Not something to show to the younger set (some language, innuendos, etc), but definitely a great show for adults to check out. 

The cast did an awesome job.  My daughter and I were impressed by their skills.  John Jenkins and his roll as Reggie (the bail out call) was hilarious.  He expressed versatility by performing multiple rolls during the performance.    Becky Ittner was great with her rolls as the sister, grandmother, facebook, and more.  A wonderfully talented cast.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Snack Food Friday #SnackFever #affiliate #KoreanSnacks

I got my January box this week and thought I'd share. Lots of really good snacks, I've already eaten some of them.  This is the unboxing (I really don't like being on camera, so it's just me showing the items as I open the box).  Below that you can see some individual pictures.  See if you can guess what some of them might be.