Friday, January 23, 2015

Loving candy and snacks from Japan via @OyatsuCafe #review

My daughter is in to pretty much anything Japan.  I've tried Loot Crate and Nerd Block, so she asked to try one that does Japanese candy.  Of the ones that were available, I went with this one.  So far so good.

Most teen/tweens are familiar with Pocky, we received Strawberry in our box. The other candies were:

Giant Caplico (Chocolate Bomber) - an ice cream shaped candy filled with chocolate
Tohato Chocobi - star shaped choco corn snacks (Tasted kind of like a chocolate corn puff cereal)
Parikore Gummy - peach and grape shelled gummies (I sampled this one, odd texture in the shell, otherwise not bad)
Morinaga Ramune Soda candies - candy flavored like the Ramune soda (daughter has those and wasn't impressed)
Gashapon - Japanese capsule toy (daughter snatched this, it was a keychain samurai from Naruto)
HanaKappa DIY Jelly - mix it yourself jelly candy (just add water)
Hi Chew Mini - little candies in 4 flavors: strawberry, apple, grape, lemon (son sampled these - definitely fruity & chewy, but all tasted the same)
Takayaki Tei - puffs of corn flavored like balls of fried squid and batter topped with nori (actually not bad)
Puccho Kumamoto Strawberry - chewy, fruity candy made with strawberries from Kumamoto Prefecture (daughter said they're not what you would expect, but were good)
Don-Koeda Chocolate - chocolate bar made with chocolate biscuit, rice puffs, and almond (son had this one too - tasted like a Crunch bar, but healthier)

All told, I think the teens here were happy with what came in the box.  Now to give it another try and see what happens.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Designing a running costume with @Zensah #whitetobright and #win your own pair! #ad

When I run at Disney, I always see cool costumes all over the place. This past marathon weekend, I finally ran in my own Disney inspired costume. I was then approached by Zensah to check out their compression calf sleeves and challenged to be creative. It took me a while to come up with my inspiration and I still don't have all the pieces of the costume together, but I decided to go with a pirate (read Pirates of the Caribbean - Elizabeth Swann) theme.

I found a template of a skull and crossbones to copy and went to work.  I took a pencil first to get a basic layout.  I made sure to "mirror" it on each of the sleeves so that the skull and crossbones would be on the outside of my leg.

I went back with a fine point black marker to fill it in.

After getting the skull and crossbones done, I decided that it needed something "more". Since many pirate caricatures have the pirate wearing red striped socks, I added red stripes.  I followed along with the basic design of the sleeve when putting my stripes on.

Ta Da!   Unfortunately, there's some bleeding in the design.  I'm not sure of a way to fix that (or to keep it from happening), so it's not as "clean" as I'd like it to be.  Otherwise, though, I think it looks cool and will go great with the costume once I have all the parts.  I'll post the finished costume once I have all the pieces together.

Now - win your own pair!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday fun film from TestTrack at EPCOT #WDW #familyfun @chevrolet

If you haven't been to Disney in a while, you may not know that they've changed TestTrack somewhat. You now design your own car before riding. It then evaluates your car to see how well it would perform. I worked with my daughter to design a mini car with solar power and a turbo charged engine.  We decided it needed to be sparkly and green.  It was a blast and scored a 198 at the end. Once you leave the ride, you can make a "commercial" for your car and even email it to yourself. Me (being me) did just that. Here's the end result of our work.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just a few more pictures #WDW #family

Just wanted to share these pictures. I thought they were cute and told their own story.  The first is a selfie I tried to take on the 10K run. It came out ok.  Saturday, my daughter decided to dress up a bit for our expedition to EPCOT.   We were very lucky to encounter Cinderella on our way into EPCOT with a VERY small line.   So we stopped and talked hair with her.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's my Birthday and I'll sing if I want to

Just because I can, I'm wishing myself a happy birthday. :)