Sunday, October 28, 2007

Costume favorites

I remember a time when the best costumes were the ones that you made yourself. They didn't take a lot of effort other than thought. I remember the boys borrowing their sister's or friend's cheerleading outfits and going as girls (complete with balloons). I remember girls borrowing brothers or dad's pants and dressing as hobos. Going shopping at Goodwill or Salvation army to get those old gaudy dresses. A ghost was common and all you had to do was take an old sheet. A black cat was fun with a black leotard, black tights, a sock for a tail and ears attached to a headband.

My favorite costumes took a little more effort. I dressed as Curly (Harlem Globe Trotters) one year. I put on shorts and a tee as my "uniform". My mom cut out a "cap" to cover my (then very short) hair. Then charcoal on any part of my body that showed. I had an excuse to carry a basketball around too.

My other favorite was going as Morticia from the Addam's Family. My mom took an old black dress and hemmed it in so that you HAD to shuffle to walk. Then made the "roots" that came off of the dress. I got a wig to cover my hair. She took Noxzema and added green dye for my face. It was a blast (though at the time I think I was sulking about something, it's the memory of it that I enjoy).

I don't mind the store bought costumes and I understand the need to simplify your life. But I was thinking about home made versus store bought today when my daughter went to a Halloween birthday party. The birthday girl's father had made her bat wings out of felt, electrical cord and electrical tape. Her mom had put together a black dress for the body and taken more felt and wire to make "ears" attached to a head band. It was a very creative costume. Most of the rest of the girls all had on princess dresses (including my daughter). Two other girls had on what appeared to be home made costumes as well (theirs was more of the take a pattern and sew it kind, though).

I have a home made costume that I could wear to greet kids at the door, but I think parents might object. I attended Dragon Con years ago and have leather pants, cape, gauntlets, sword, and daggers that I could easily get out and put on. I won't, though. Instead I'll take my (store bought) witch's dress, add my own accoutrements and be what it seems most moms are at Halloween. ;) That, though, is something to think about at another time.

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