Monday, September 10, 2018

Educator's Day at the @WorldofCoca-Cola #hosted #learn #teacher #student #WorldofCocaCola

I was invited to attend Educator's Day at the World of Coca Cola, Georgia Aquarium, and Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Were you aware that you can take your child (as a home school student) or your school can take your child to the World of Coca-Cola and actually LEARN while they're there?  Admittedly, it's aimed more at 8th-12th grade students, but still.  What better way to learn than hands on while doing something fun?

You can actually do the same thing at the Georgia Aquarium (not as surprising) as well as at the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  All three make great resources to utilize when possible.  The World of Coca-Cola welcomes school field trips throughout the year, and dozens of Georgia Performance Standards can be fulfilled at the attraction. World of Coca-Cola offers a teacher toolkit on its website, which outlines all of those Standards and provides pre- and post-visit activities to assist with lesson planning.

I took my family along with me for the day.   The Coke Museum is always fun, especially to try the sampling floor.  We always end up talking about what the different cultures like in flavors.   Hubs hadn't had Beverly (or at least didn't remember having tried it), so we made sure he did.

 It was my son's and husband's first time visiting the Center for Civil and Human Rights.  They found it very interesting and informative.  It would be fun to go back when they're having a special event to learn something new.

The Aquarium opened up the back education loop for educators.  We were able to see the top side of Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Coldwater Quest (belugas), and River Scout.  Neither of the boys had ever been up there, so they had a blast.  I hadn't had a chance to see the puffins (I stopped volunteering before they were in place), so that was neat to see.

All together, we had a lot of fun.  If my kids were younger, I'd definitely make an effort to include some of the learning points the three facilities provide.  As it is, I recommend it to fellow educators and home school parents to give it a look over.

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