Friday, February 17, 2017

Lego Batman Days @ldcatlanta @bravepratl #LEGOBatmanMovie #LDCBatmanDays

My family and I were invited to visit the Lego Discovery Center in Atlanta in exchange for sharing our experience.

In anticipation of the Lego Batman movie, the Discovery Center is hosting special activities.  We were able to visit with Lego Batman himself, as well as help assist in assembling a Lego Batman mural.

The girls also had fun checking out the rest of the center.  They spent time in the preschool area building walls (no preschoolers were present at the time) while I helped assemble the mural (above).  We also worked on the Batman Scavenger hunt in the mini build room.

Of course, no visit would be complete without riding the rides as well.  No pictures of those, but the girls had a blast and I had fun watching them.  We didn't do the special make a gadget activity, but the kids that were there were showing their creativity.

All together, we had a lovely time.  The girls agreed that they would happily do it again.  Proving that you're never quite too old for Legos.

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