Monday, February 20, 2017

Boxete Delivery Korean Bistro #Review #Restarant #GoodFood #Korean

Over the weekend, my daughter and I didn't want anything we had at home for dinner.  So, she went online and found Boxete.  She then convinced her brother and I to join her.

My son ordered the B-Burger.  He said it was good.  He certainly didn't have anything left over when he was done.

My daughter ordered the beef lettuce wrap with rice roll.  Her comment about her meal was simply "yum".  It was more than enough for her (plus someone else) to eat at one sitting.  She had leftovers for lunch the next two days.

I knew going in that I would have leftovers, but I underestimated just how much would be left over.  I ordered the Boxete sampler with Boxete chicken.  The big yellow thing is the omelet.  The chicken is very good.  The omelet was a bit odd to me at first (I'm not used to sauce on my eggs), but was still very good.

My daughter and I agreed that next time we would split an entree.  My son wants to try something new next time (he played it safe with his choice this time).  There's a $15 minimum for free delivery and delivery area is limited.  We're fortunate enough that we're just inside the delivery area. 

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