Monday, December 01, 2014

Science Fair Projects #rant #school

I have to grumble a bit.  We've had a (relatively) hard year this year at school.  Nothing we haven't (so far) been able to handle, fortunately.  Then you add on science fair projects.  I can see science fair projects for those kids that are motivated and like to do them.  Those that need extra grades to help out their grades, too.  But, for a general population student to be required to do science fair projects is a bit much (my opinion).  Not only does it add to the load for a student that is already struggling, it's a major annoyance to the parent who ends up having to help (and pay for supplies).

I understand the need for kids to learn all about scientific procedure.  I can see the need for them to see how these things are done.  However, requiring it of students that are otherwise never going to use it goes overboard.  Sadly, I can state that my child, who used to love science, has come to dislike it.  I can only hope that at some point in the future she ends up with a teacher who can possibly help her overcome the dislike.

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