Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Family History Inside the Wells-Brown House Stone Mountain

I was contacted by the Stone Mountain Historic Society recently.  They had found some pictures in the attic of the old Wells-Brown house and wanted to see if I could help identify them.  Why?  My great great grandfather built the Wells Brown House (George Riley Wells).  I've never actually been inside of the home, though I've been around the outside for a long time.  When I went to meet with them about the project, I was given the opportunity to tour it.

It's very similar in build to the home I grew up in (also built by George Riley and his brother), though different in structure.  The Wells-Brown home is 2 story, my home was single story.  Apart from that, I could see where they ran similar.  It was really cool to be able to go through it, I look forward to working with them more on my family history.  I've written other posts on my history here and here.

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