Monday, December 15, 2014

Fernbank Museum's Winter Wonderland @FernbankMuseum #holiday #familyfun

I was invited with my family to attend Fernbank Museum of Natural History's Winter Wonderland in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Pretty much any time we go to Fernbank, we have a lot of fun.  We check out the current travelling exhibit (still the Goosebumps Fear exhibit), any arts and crafts (I made a Snowman puppet), and of course the current permanent exhibits as well.  On the day we went, the Center for Puppetry Arts was out, and they were helping the kids make the puppets (Stanley the Heartsick Snowman).  Being a kid at heart, they let me join in.

When we toured the Goosebumps exhibit, I thought the "best" part of it was the hands on portion.  You could check your fear response to animals, sounds, and falling.  I skipped the falling, I know I have a fear there.  There was also one to see how brave you were at being shocked (yes, by electricity).  Not too bad, but I did jump.  Emory was also on hand with real brains that you could touch.  I didn't touch, just photographed.  My son and I had done that experience at his Elementary school some time ago.  He wasn't eager to repeat it.  Being a volunteer at the Aquarium meant I had to visit the local alligator residents as well.  Too cute.  You can see some of the scheduled holiday activities at the museum here.

Of course, the big draw to the Winter Wonderland (other than the activities) is the trees. Lots of trees. My kids took over my photography for this part. They were competing as to who could take the better picture. I think they both did well. The trees, though, were very nice. Representative of different countries, you could see some of the culture and history through the trees.  There are more than 30 trees on exhibit for you and your family to check out.

As always, Fernbank Museum is a wonderful day out for the family. We don't get to go often, but when we do we always have fun.

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