Friday, December 12, 2014

On being a substitute

It's always a challenge to go into a new class and try to get the kids to do what they are expected to do.  The level of the challenge varies depending on the age of the kids and the type of class it is.  For example a group of 5th graders can be harder to manage than a mixed special education class.  Why?  The 5th grade class has more attitude to get around.  The SpEd class will (usually) have behaviors that you can predict and then stop or work around.

That doesn't mean that it's always that way.  In the many years I've been a sub, though, that has been the case.  There have been many days that I would prefer to work as a SpEd teacher than in general ed as a teacher.  I come home tired regardless. 

I have only worked once in High School.  The class was not one that I have any knowledge of.  So it was effectively a baby sitting job.  I would much rather actually interact with the kids than sit and watch them.

More often than not you will find me in the elementary schools.  I'm most comfortable in the school my kids attended.  I'm willing, though, to at least try the others in my area.  I'm not working as much this school year, but I plan to work more next year when both of my kids are in high school.

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