Friday, June 24, 2016

Korean Barbecue at Honey Pig @HoneyPigUSA

Last week was my daughter's birthday.  As a tradition in our family, the birthday person gets to choose a restaurant (or type of restaurant) to go out to celebrate.  Rarely are we "on time" to do dinner, but that's ok.  My daughter's choice this year was to go out for Korean.  We could have just driven down Buford Highway and found a spot, but I decided to try to do some research first.  My research brought me to Honey Pig.

The meat cooks on your table, sort of hibachi style.

We chose to get their combination platter. That includes a selection of 5 meats, 4 cuts of beef and 1 of chicken. You also get sprouts, mushrooms and kimchi.  This was the first cut of meat cooking with the sprouts, mushrooms and kimchi.

This was the prime rib.

I stopped taking pictures at this point to concentrate on eating. It was a LOT of food. The menu suggests a minimum of 3 people for the combination platter. It fed the 5 of us with a little left over that we took home. The servers were very attentive, helping us with the meat. Each meat was put on the cook top separately, with the chicken being cooked last. It wasn't cheap, but it was VERY GOOD. I fed the 5 of us for around $150 (not including tip).
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