Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday's Walk in the Woods #CascadeSpringsNaturePreserve #Atlanta

We haven't been as good about getting out and exploring new parks like we'd planned.. something about the heat being a bit too much.  We did finally get out, though, last Friday.   We drove to the southwest part of Atlanta and explored the Cascade Springs Nature Preserve.  Just inside 285 off of Cascade Rd.

It is very shaded (it is a wooded area) and thus helps against the heat.  Some of the trail is paved, but not the majority.  The total trail is around 2.7 miles, we walked about 2 miles worth of it.

The falls themselves

Pump house

A spring house

A very nice walk/hike.  A bit out of the way for visiting often, but both of my kids enjoyed exploring the area with me at the time.  There are civil war earth works scattered throughout, so watch for those as well (they're not well marked).  My favorite part (other than the walk itself) is the little spring house above.

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