Monday, April 28, 2014

I need a stylist..

I've decided that I'm incapable of putting together the cute, snazzy little outfits I watch some other ladies put together.  My main pieces in my wardrobe consist of jeans and shirts.  I have a lot of tees and a few nicer shirts.  Admittedly, my jeans FIT, but still.  I do own a few skirts and dresses, but I have a bad tendency to decide after I get them that maybe they  don't look so good on me after all.  I'm sure it's a confidence thing, but maybe if I get a stylist I'll feel more "put together" than usual.  Of course, it's also quite likely that a stylist would toss everything OUT of my closet and have me start over.  Not something I can financially do.

I know there are services online that will put together outfits for you based on your preferences.  I'm aware that they'll try to get you to "stretch" that comfortable line as well.  I just need a goodwill type option for it.  Now wouldn't that be a concept?  A stylist at Goodwill to help you put together cute thrifty outfits?  Anyone?
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