Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday 5K

So I thought I'd do a scheduled run update.  I'm running Sunday out at Briscoe park in Snellville at the Run the Half Marathon race (I'm only doing 10K).  It's to be a barometer for how much work I have to put in before the Peachtree in July.  I'm looking at doing part of Kennesaw's race series too.  I'd like to shoot for 4 to get the cool hoodie, but not certain I'll manage.  If I do, the four I'm looking at are:

Faith Cline Elf Trot (July 12)
Run for Wounded Heroes (Aug 2)
Great Locomotive Chase (Sept 6)
Garden Gallop (Nov 1)

If I only pick one, it'll be the Run for Wounded Heroes.  After that I'm still open for suggestions.  I'll be running again in January with my dad (and daughter) at Disney doing the 10K this time instead of the 1/2.  We'll also do the 5K the day before with my mom.  (5K Thurs, 10K Fri, watch the runners Sat.)  My daughter and I are going to start walking/running around Stone Mountain park this summer if anyone wants to join us.

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