Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Natural products & more (ALIVE! summary)

I'm still trying to sort through all the information I picked up Saturday at the ALIVE! expo.  I went Saturday early and stayed several hours talking to various vendors.  I met a really cool chef who's competing on the Food Network currently (Nikki), a firefighter who does a boot camp (Firefighter Fitness), a pair of ladies who make their own sunscreen products (BareBelly Organics), and a lot more. 

I found out about silver having a lot more uses than I thought.   I found a doctor who does Nutrition Response testing for people (I've had my pets on this through their vet for years) and talked about supplements.  Found some great new teas (both for kids and adults), snacks, and gluten free foods.   There were vendors with essential oils (love those), several alternative healthcare centers, and green products for use around the house.  Not to forget the cosmetics products as well.

All together, I found it almost information overload.  As I process my finds and the information that comes with it, I'll write more detailed posts.  Likely, I'll feature some of what I came home with both as samples from being a media representative and that I purchased on my own.
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