Monday, April 14, 2014

Grand Opening Preview @TheCabanaGrill

A great new restaurant is opening today in Snellville.  The Cabana Grill is a new concept in Mexican restaurants.  It's a hybrid between your fast food restaurant and a casual seating experience.  After walking in, you place your order at the counter and then are given a number to have a seat.  Your meal is made from scratch and brought out to your table.  You can actually observe the kitchen through a window by the counter as they make their tortillas by hand.

The restaurant is a concept extension from a chain out of San Antonio, TX.  Taco Cabana has been successful in it's areas for more than 35 years.  After wanting to expand and studying the markets that would best receive their idea for expansion, Atlanta & Jacksonville, FL were determined to be the best match.  They then decided to place the Atlanta store in Snellville.  The Jacksonville store will open at the end of summer 2014.

I was given the opportunity to sample some of their menu items.  Top left is chips with a queso dip.  My daughter was more than happy to fill herself up with several servings.  The dip has bits of peppers in it, giving it a wonderful flavor and texture.  Below that to the left is a potato dish.  Grilled, cubed potato combined with peppers, onions, and more and then topped with a wonderful Mexican cheese.  The quesadilla and the tostadas were wonderfully cooked.  My son noticed a smokey taste to the meat that he really liked.  The desert came with the option of a honey or a dulce drizzle.  I opted for honey where my kids loved the dulce.

The restaurant will have a fresh salsa bar that you can choose which salsa you want to go with your meal.

There is also a separate enclosed room with a very large TV.  I would call it a "party room" or a "sports watching" room.  A small patio with tables finishes the seating.  The pictures on the wall are street art from Mexico, with other traditional Mexican decorations around the dining area.  All together it makes the setting more of the casual dining experience.

For those that enjoy Margaritas, they do have a frozen margarita machine (as well as Mexican beer).  From 4p-7p you can enjoy a 10oz margarita for $1.50.

If you can, I suggest checking out their grand opening today from 11a to 11p.  Otherwise, definitely worth the side trip to the area.  Their address is 1635 Scenic Hwy, Snellville. They're in front of the Lowes.

I was offered food in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  All thoughts are my own unless otherwise stated.
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