Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#godirtygirl Getting Dirty and Loving it

It all started as a pretty day and I was all clean.  Even though I knew it would be warm, I knew the mud obstacles would be cold.  So I wore my shirt from last year's Dirty Girl.

Then we started the race and I crawled through the first mud pit.  Of course, I wiped my hands..

The obstacles kept coming.. and I kept conquering.

After 3.1 miles (5K) of course and obstacles (some with mud, some without), I'd had a wonderful time with my friends and came out looking like this..

I love the challenge of the Dirty Girl.  I don't run it (last year, it was too muddy to safely run), so I'm not speedy by any means.   I'm very tired at the end, but it's a great feeling.   It's fun to run with a group (yay Mud Puppies!), though I think next year we need our own shirt (and maybe a better name).

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