Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Night out @TheFoxTheater with Hubby #MillionDollarQuartet

Thanks to the folks @BravePR, I was given the opportunity to go see this show with my husband. At first my husband wasn't keen on going, but he went anyway. We went over to Fresh 2 Order before hand and had paninis with dinner. WONDERFUL food and definitely filling. Given that I'm calorie counting, I did well doing a half panini and salad for dinner. The nice thing too was that we didn't get there until 7p (show started at 8p) and were out by 7:30p without feeling rushed.

The show itself, though, was the highlight of the evening. When we entered we were told up front that there would be no intermission and that if we thought the show was over to wait. There would be 4 more songs. Having grown up listening to Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley (to an extent, any way) I recognized their tunes. I listened some (not often) to Johnny Cash. I'm sorry to say that I didn't recognize Carl Perkins. Hubby though knew all of them and enjoyed them just as much as I did. By the end of the show, we agreed on who we knew that would enjoy the show (our moms) too.

I didn't get any photos (not allowed at the FOX) so that I can't share. I can, though, say that if you get the chance to go, both Hubby and I recommend it.

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