Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitchen Organization (#Ikea Style)

I still have more kitchen reorganization to do, but I solved at least some of the clutter this past weekend. My daughter and I went to Ikea's BYOF event Saturday morning. I went primarily to cruise and get ideas, but came home with a partial solution to a couple of problems. The big one being all the random boxes of 'stuff' that I have in my eat-in kitchen area. My husband's grandmother loves to can, so I had several boxes of her canned stuff to store. Not to mention that the one cabinet I use to store canned goods was spilling out at me every time I opened the door. Thus, my need to find SOMETHING that would help. I really like what my daughter and I picked out.

This is after assembly, before having stuff added.

This is after I've pulled things that have been attacking me and putting those (plus homemade canned goods) in.

I still have plenty of space for more. The dry goods that the dog was likely to try to help herself to are behind the doors or in the drawers. Quite the neat solution if I say so myself. If I do ever decide I don't want it in my kitchen, I'm sure to find a use for it in the kids' playroom organizing their video games and such.
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