Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Musing about schools (HS specifically)

I've had a few people question my thoughts on putting my son back in brick and mortar, especially if he's going in to the school we're zoned for. I've talked with the district superintendant, I've talked with the school's principal, and as of last week I have talked with the man who would be my son's counselor. I'll admit, the school isn't perfect, not by any means. However, I've been given enough hope to believe that it's not half as bad as rumor has it made out to be. If not, I'll address that as those issues arise.

In the meantime, though, I'm tired of the struggle. To get my son to do his work. To get my son to do his work properly. To get my son to turn in his work. To admit that he needs help. To talk to me (or anyone) about issues. At this point, I just want him to pass 8th grade. My once honor/principal roll, straight A student, has crashed and burned in a royal way this year.

When it comes to helping my child, those of you that know me, know I don't do some subjects. It isn't going to happen. My husband works late (and constantly) so getting support there is a struggle too. Getting teacher support means my son has to either a) ask for help, or b)be pushed into it by me. If nothing else, the last 2.5 school years have taught me that my son isn't suited for being schooled at home (at least not by me). That doesn't leave a whole lot of options for us.

Yes, we could try to move. We are, though, upside down on our mortgage and houses in our area just aren't selling well (or don't seem to be). I don't see us moving for several more years, so moving to another zoned HS isn't going to happen. I can do a permissive transfer to another school, something I'll certainly keep in mind if I decide that our HS isn't going to work out. Doing it straight out, though, doesn't seem to be likely to happen.

So, my son is off to a "regular" brick & mortar next year. Doesn't matter if he's repeating 8th grade or moving up to 9th. The stone wall that I ran face first into this year has made that determination for us. So here's praying that he does well enough on the remainder of this year, that he at least remains where he should be grade wise. I really don't want to encounter the 8th grade wall a second time with him.
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