Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#WW Not Quite Wordless Cat Fancy

My 17 yo cat has not been wanting to eat. To the point that he has distinctly lost weight. Doc put him on a special urgent care food which he'd sample enough of each day, but not eat a lot. I tried most of the expensive, all natural foods that I could find (since Doc is a holistic vet, I figured I could TRY to keep that route). Dodge on the other hand, had other ideas. Turns out he really prefers the cheap stuff. Fancy Feast all the way.. particularly beef with gravy (grilled). He's up to almost 2 cans of food a day and has gained weight. Doc is baffled, though, since his blood work shows extreme elevation in his liver enzymes. He's not yellow, though, and his appetite is improving. Go figure. I just think it's my cat.

This, however, is my daughter's cat. Jack Sparrow. A bit of a bully and attention hog. He's just over a year old. He's big. And Heavy. Guess where Dodger's leftovers have been going?

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