Monday, July 23, 2012

Shot across the bow

I received a warning shot across my bow the other day. It's not the first time, I'm sure it won't be the last. A warning from work, from a friend, from something else about something we have or have not said/done. The question becomes how do we respond to it? This time, my first reaction was "whatever" (done in a teen angst type way with eye roll included). After a while I got mad about it, just because I'd been letting it stew. Then I took the time to actually think about it a bit more.

What I ended up doing was trying to figure out what my priorities are. I know what most of them are, some of those are easy. Family, children, husband, pets, self, etc. How much emphasis do I place on each, what order does it all happen in? In this case I think it depends on what the issue is. In the long run, though, given the issue at hand how much of this introspection really matters? Why am I stressing over something that, in the view of my priorities, really doesn't matter that much?

The answer, in the long run, was simple. I will heed the warning shot, for now. My priorities aren't necessarily what they're expected to be, but they're what I want and am comfortable with. I've even run the results of this past my husband and have his agreement. Sorry for being rather vague on it all, but sometimes you want to share but have to be careful of how much. I always try to keep certain topics out of my blog, but sometimes I just have to write SOMETHING to at least let me blow off steam.

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