Friday, July 20, 2012

#MTAtlanta Medieval Times new show

I was invited to go to the grand preview of the new show at Medieval Times. I was able to take my husband and son as well as the son of a friend of mine. On entry, we were greeted by various members of the court.

The princess and king greeted guests as they entered, these ladies were 'floating' around and visiting. There were other knights, wenches, ladies and guards as well.

We were seated in the black & white knight section of the arena.

We were actually lucky enough to meet him and his horse ahead of the show. That made rooting for him that much nicer.

The show itself was wonderful! The display of the horses by the horsemaster as well as the falconry by the falconer, were thoroughly enjoyable. Of course the battles royale by the knights were a lot of fun to watch as well. For DJ (our guest), they announced his birthday and his graduation to the general arena. He thought that was pretty cool.

As to the food, dinner consisted of
Pureed Tomato Soup (our server called it Dragon Blood)
Garlic Bread
Oven Roasted Chicken Half (baby dragon)
Larger BBQ Spare Rib (dragon's finger)
Herb-Basted Potato (french fries)
Apple Pastry
Larger Beverage (Hubby and I had tea, kids had pepsi)

DJ ate everything on his plate and found himself foiled when he attempted to "help" my son eat his rib. My son did not, but is enjoying the fact that he can have it as leftovers this week.

It has been around 6 years since we last went to one of their shows. My son and I compared notes on the two shows. The story line is somewhat changed with a new 'bad guy' entering the fray. The story was very simple, which gave more time for the jousting and skills "games" the knights 'played'.

My son's favorite parts of the show was the falcon and the jousting. Our guest thought that the opportunity to cheer on "his" knight was cool, though he loved the sword play too. I loved that most of the knights were giving the flowers and "prizes" out to the younger girls in the crowd. It would be nice, though, if they had something for the younger boys too.

All in all, we had a great time. We loved the new story line and the performances of the knights were (though sometimes over done) very enjoyable. Our only complaint was volume. We had a hard time hearing our server and occasionally the speech from the performers. My son, though, is now contemplating having his birthday dinner there later this year.

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