Friday, October 14, 2011

Review - Disney On Ice Dare to Dream

I was fortunate enough to be invited to take my daughter to see this show Wednesday night. We brought along her best friend and her best friend's mom since my boys weren't interested in princesses. Once we arrived at Philip's Arena, we were given passes to go 'behind the scenes' to a press conference. While there, we participated in interviewing two of the Disney skaters.

About the skaters

The gentleman on the left played Aladdin. A brief summary of his bio is that he's been skating since he was 11 and joined the Disney team right out of High School. He's been with Disney for 4 years.

The lady on the right plays Mamma Odie. She is originally from Toronto, has been skating for 24 years and with Disney for 10. From their interview, you can tell they're a close group, skating together 10 months out of the year. For holidays, they like to get involved in the community they're currently staying in. Anything from working in a soup kitchen to collecting donations.

We only had a limited amount of time with those two as they had to prepare for the show. What was fun to see, though, was my daughter's friend's reaction to the next guests.

The Show

After meeting the skaters, we went down to our seats. We were lucky that we had excellent seats and a great view of the skaters. I tried to take pictures of the show, but my camera isn't quite that good. What I did get were these..

As for the show itself, a little bit of detail. The story starts with Disney's Princess and the Frog. It tells a majority of the tale, centering primarily on Tiana. It displays the adventure through the bayou to meet Mamma Odie and finishes with Naveen and Tiana returning to their human form. From there, it moves into the story of Cinderella. From the sad tale of a young girl not appreciated by her family, to include audience participation in helping her go to the ball. It finishes with the Prince finding Cinderella. Last (but not least) it moves to Tangled and the story of Rapunzel. With her trusty skillet in hand, follow Rapunzel as she meets Flynn, the Ruffians from the tavern and Maximus. It finishes with Rapunzel being greeted by ALL the Disney Princesses and welcomed 'home'.

The show has just enough special effects to make the show really work and to enhance those special moments of each tale. From Naveen & Tiana turning in to frogs to Rapunzel & Flynn and their high flying stunts with her 'hair'. Cinderella puts a few girls into the story with the fitting of the slipper and Tangled gets one child involved as well.

After the show, I asked the girls what they thought of it all. My daughter's comment was "I would post a one word review... AWESOME!". Her friend was a little more detailed.. "I really enjoyed it. I thought the princesses were great and it was very romantic."

I can honestly say we thoroughly enjoyed the show. We all watched spellbound as the skaters acted out the stories. I, personally, loved watching Rapunzel and Flynn do their aerialist performances. The girls noted ALL the details, including the floating lanterns and Rapunzel's hair glowing when healing Flynn's hand. It was certainly a show worth going to see.

I was given tickets to this show in return for posting my honest review.

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