Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shooting in the Mountains

The view is actually from heading up the road toward Fort Mountain, not where family lives. But it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to stop and get a picture of it anyway. When we visit my husband's grandmother, there's several things that may end up keeping the kids occupied. After hubby mowed part of the yard, we took their grandmother's guns out to a back area and let the kids shoot. We started with the BB gun.. my daughter had never shot anything before, so this was new to her. No, my son is not trying to bother his sister while she's shooting. He's trying to help her fix her stance.. he's just using his foot to do it.. Then moved to the .22 rifle. My daughter shot this as well, though for some reason I missed getting a picture of it.. maybe because I was shooting too.. hm..

My son, though, fell in love with shooting the .410 shotgun.. now he wants to know when he can have one of his own..

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