Monday, October 17, 2011

Braselton & Mayfield

I took the kids out to Braselton to visit the Mayfield Visitor Center. I'd heard of the tours ending and center closing, so on their day off from school, we made the drive. Unfortunately, tours stopped on Friday, Oct. 14th. The visitor center closes at the end of the month. They recommend calling Mayfield and asking them to reconsider this.

The front of the Visitor Center

We weren't allowed to use our cameras on the tour, but I can summarize it. We started with a video about the history of Mayfield Dairies. We were then led back to view the processing area (homogenizing/etc) for the milk. From there we moved down a bit to see the lab where they test the milk. They test it as soon as it's brought in on the trucks and again randomly on the lines.

Our 4th stop was to see where the trucks came in and were unloaded and to view a second video about how the containers are made. We didn't get the chance to enter any of these rooms. They were all viewed through windows. My kids still thought it was interesting, though, especially to get a chance to ask questions of our tour guide about what we DID see.

We returned to the Visitor Center/Gift Shop. They have several displays in the room showing the history of the company. This was one of them.

I think the highlight of the tour was having ice cream afterward.

This was outside (of course) and the kids just had to visit it. Which meant that I just had to get a photo of them with it.

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