Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Over spring break, my family did a service project which earned us a free Disney park ticket for each of member who participated. We took the opportunity to go on our recent trip to visit my parents. My son and daughter decided that we wanted to go to EPCOT this time. It was somewhat surprising as I thought they'd pick Magic Kingdom, but they had their reasons. My son wanted to check out the countries. My daughter wanted to do the Kim Possible scavenger hunt. We had seen other families doing this the last time we visited, so she wanted to make a point of it this time.

The scavenger hunt itself is fairly easy. There are kiosks located around the World Showcase that you can pick up a 'communicator'. Through the communicator you explore one of the countries in the showcase while helping Kim Possible and her buddies Ron and Wade defeat various villains. There are 7 possible hunts to go on, each in a different country. We did ours in China, France and Japan. It was too hot for us to want to do more, so we turned it back in at that point.

If you've never been to any of the Disney parks, I recommend taking advantage of their fast pass system. On this visit we picked up fast passes for Soaring. As soon as we had this, we took off for Test Track. We still had a 40+ minute wait for Test Track, but it's the only one we had all day. We don't do Spaceship Earth, so it wasn't a problem. The others we rode were pretty much walk-on rides.

As usual, when I went to a Disney park, I took too many photos to post here. So I created a scrapblog.

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