Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old Town

My parents live just around the corner from Old Town which is an old-style amusement park and shopping area. My son has been looking forward to visiting as this year he's big enough to drive the go karts by himself. Two years ago, he wasn't and we noted that he had to be 54" to drive. Last year, he was 54" but they'd up'd the minimum to 56", annoying him vastly. This year he's more than 56" so no problems there. My daughter has another year.

These are some shots of rides and stores along the walk. Right next door to Old Town is "Fun Spot". Different attractions, different prices, tickets on one side don't work on the other.

There's an old arcade on the strip as well. One of these is of the 'fortune teller', the other is an animatronic 'electrocution' thing. Neither are really for kids, but they're interesting to see.

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