Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: After the Hangover

I enjoy a good book and am very flexible in what I will consider reading. It was with some excitement that I decided I would give this one a try. Normally, I don't get in to reading political books and tend to keep my political leanings to myself. However, I decided to expand my base and explore other options. This book, though, fell flat.

Tyrell likes to expound prolifically exercising what profundity he has accumulated over the years by utilizing a multitude of excessive verbosity. What comprehension one gains by reading this book will be determined by the erudition of the reader. The perspicuity remains to be seen. I perceived a distinct overuse of protracted words on the part of the author.

I suspect that most of that is on purpose. While the book itself can be difficult to read, many of the points that Tyrell makes are interesting to read. I found his definitions of liberalism and Liberal to be somewhat enlightening, especially given his satirical point of view. I also appreciated his outlining of 'kultursmog' and how it relates to the current political environment. The history of conservatism, though, was lacking.

All in all, not the best of the books I've ever read.

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