Friday, April 23, 2010

Dogwood Festival

My daughter and I decided we wanted to check out the Dogwood Festival this year. My son was originally going to go, but as we were going after Scout Blast, he ended up backing out. The draw for him was to be the BSA 100 years Adventure Base. Anyway, we caught the Dog Disc Club demonstration first.

Adventure Base seen from top of hill

AdventureBase was nice, the lines for the rope course were too long. We didn't stay around to try that. The museum was in a semi-trailer. The draw for that for us was the virtual pinewood race. It was more a quiz than a design your car and race it, though. We didn't try to see the movie in the small dome either. Next door were inflatables that cost a minimum of $3 each to try, so we skipped those as well.

I have to admit, all in all that my daughter and I toured the entire park. We also bought very little. Most of it seemed to be paintings or sculptures. All of it seemed to be priced out of our range. Dinner ended up being $20 for the two of us. I think I was a bit disappointed with what I saw, though with the crowds that were out there it looked like vendors were doing ok anyway.

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