Monday, April 26, 2010

Firefly (lack of) Support

I got a Firefly Mobile gloPhone for my kids some time back. I put it on the pay as you go plan with the understanding that (I thought) they'd send email when it was time to put more money in the account, etc. Apparently that doesn't happen and I forgot all about it. So last month, I logged in to the account, only to be confused as the phone wasn't showing up. So I filed a trouble ticket and forgot about it again.

My son went on a scout camping trip this past weekend and took the phone with him. He and his ride left camping a bit early due to weather. When they tried to use his phone to call me to let me know, it wouldn't call. So, later Saturday afternoon I started exploring the firefly website again. The phone still doesn't show up under my account, there are no error messages and I still haven't received a response to the original trouble ticket. I went searching for a solution and found that I'd have to file another trouble ticket. Note; They don't put their 800 number anywhere easy to locate and by the time I found it, I had to wait until today to call.

As best as I can figure, at this point, they'll tell me that I'll have to purchase a new sim card, reactivate the phone and then put it back on a pay-as-you-go plan. For all the effort, I could go to Wal-mart and purchase one of the generic AT&T pay as you go phones instead and get better service.

We'll see how long it actually takes them to respond to the second trouble ticket and in the meantime I think I'll explore other options.

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