Monday, August 10, 2009

Follow up

Well, we had an electrician come out Sunday morning. He took a hard look at everything and found nothing wrong inside the house (as far as wiring went). His diagnosis was a surge on one of the two lines in the house causing the problems. He recommended contacting insurance and having GA Power put a load detector on the transformer.

We followed up with having ComfortTemp come out to check the air conditioning. Not only was the fuse melted, but he replaced a capacitor in the unit. As soon as it powered back up, it tripped the switch which means the air unit has a short in it now. So, unit dead. He'll let the office know so that they can come give me an estimate on a new unit.

So, I called State Farm and filed a claim. I was supposed to volunteer at the aquarium today, but canceled my shifts for the week to take care of the issues. As I told my son, at least he gets to go to school where it'll be air conditioned for majority of the day. It'll probably be a few before we can have air here. One of the extra fans I've had in the hall to help air circulation was apparently affected too.. and IT was plugged into my UPS.

Just a general statement, I know I'm trying to fix up my home to sell it, but this was NOT the way I'd planned to go about it.

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