Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News & Notes

School News:
My daughter has decided she might actually like her teacher this year. She had a blast the first day back and said she had a good day today. This is a good thing as the day before school started she wasn't sure she was willing to have her teacher. The teacher runs her class in a very structured manner, which is very good for my daughter, but potentially intimidating until she gets used to it. So all signs (while early) are looking good.

The computers have been taken in to be examined. Insurance requires everything to be examined by a 'professional' and then having results submitted. The company didn't think they'd be usable based on my description, but they'll let me know in 2 business days.

AC should be repaired and running by around lunch time Thursday. Certainly by end of day. They're coming out Thursday morning to do the work, so I guess it depends on how fast they work as to how quickly it all happens. Some interesting details there that I'll mention.. 1- my first estimate came from the folks that maintain my systems, it was high according to insurance so they had me get a second estimate. The second was more on the lines of what they were expecting/wanting, so they're cutting me a check for AC based on that one. I let my company know what was going on and they came back with a matching 'bid'. Basically, I'll get the same system, but it's "vanilla" (ie: no branding, basic grill, etc. Manufactured by and in the same factory as the original they wanted to give me) and will do the same job. So, they're coming out Thursday to do the work.

The range is still waiting on a visit by the repair people. While the stove top works, the oven won't because the computer is out. Some time tomorrow the service man should come out and give me a verdict. We have a warranty plan on the range, so it may very well be covered by that instead of having to wait for insurance to cover it. If so, that'll be good. It can be repaired without the wait.

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