Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now

I posted some of this on facebook, but I thought I'd go ahead and give the 'full' story here as it currently stands.

Yesterday afternoon, sometime around 4p, I walked into the office and heard a very odd noise. About a minute later, I heard a "POP" from the kids' eMac and then it shut down. The odor of burned electronics (ozone, smoke, whatever) started coming from hubby's side of the office and then permeated the room. We shut everything down and started investigating. The surge protector on hubby's monitors was dead, the surge protector on the mac had slightly melted and the mac was dead. We waited a while and then tried one by one to turn things back on. Everything else was working fine. We figured the mac had done the deed and left it at that.

At dinner time, we wandered downstairs to get leftover out of the fridge. Hubby informs me the oven is off. We go check the breakers to reset everything and notice that the ceiling light is out as well. To see what was up, we tried replacing one of the bulbs in the ceiling light. It worked fine, so we replaced both. We pushed out the oven to see if it was on a ground fault outlet to be reset. Unfortunately, the answer was no. It's had outlets for two things, so we plugged a lamp in to check the outlet, it worked. So the issue was with the stove. The units on top are gas, so we tried starting them (electric starter), those worked. Which means the computer for the oven is dead. Hubby still thought the mac had done the job, even though these are all on a different circuit. I would have thought the circuit would have tripped. So, I went looking for the receipt for the oven since we have a service contract on it.

I had the children go around and check everything and found out that the computer in my son's room had been hit (it wasn't on a surge protector) as well as the air filter that runs in his room. Two different outlets. Ugh. Everything else inside at that point was working.

At bed time, I made the comment to hubby that it was hot upstairs. He went downstairs to turn down the air and realized the air fan was running. He had a sinking feeling so he went outside to check the air conditioner, it was NOT running. Grabbing a flashlight, he started to look at all the pieces and it turns out that the box that holds the fuse has partially melted. At that point I called GA Power.

GA Power came out around midnight last night and ran tests. They got on the roof to check connections as well. When he left, he told us that all power levels were normal, including going through the fuse box in the house (he checked each switch). So, the problem was likely a ground wire touching something it shouldn't INSIDE the house.

So, today I'll contact an electrician to come check the house itself. Having had roofers over this week, it's possible they did something somewhere that messed something up. I'm not sure WHAT, but anyway. I'll also contact the air conditioning company to come look at the unit to see about fixing that. Once we figure out what happened, I'll try talking to State Farm and get an insurance claim going. If it turns out the roofers did it, I guess I'll have to talk to them too.

Somebody please just shoot me now..

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