Friday, July 17, 2009

Keeping Busy

With my younger nephew's asthma and allergies to cats, I'm trying to make sure that the kids go OUT most of the day. We got a later start Thursday than normal, but not surprising given we went to Six Flags the day before. The boys wouldn't get dressed until late morning and I didn't feel like forcing the issue. I don't think brains were working until after lunch. I'm not keen on making things for them to do, but there's only so much stuff outside of my house for them TO do.

So, Thursday I hauled the group to the Mountain Park pool and set them loose for about 3 hours.

When we got home, I let them sit and watch tv for a while and I got dinner ready. After dinner, they went back out and rode bikes around the "safe" part of my street (ie: the cul de sac road which is across the street from me). Then it was baths and bed with lights out at 9:30.

Today I may try taking them out to Suwanee for a while. There's an indoor rock climbing place that might be good to check out.

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