Friday, February 27, 2009

Hand strength

At conferences for my kids, my daughter's teacher pointed out that my daughter tends to only use 3 fingers when cutting with scissors. She'd asked if that was normal and I had to respond that I don't see her do it at school. After some discussion, we decided it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and have an OT at the school take a look and evaluate her. She was able to do the exercises the OT gave her, but she won't use her pinky or ring finger when doing her work.

The result is that we're not sure if it's a habit that only occurs at school or if there's another issue. So, now to find stress balls to squeeze or to cut a tennis ball and turn it into a hand therapy device. She can do that at home and her teacher will keep an eye on her at school. We'll just have to go from there.

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