Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ocmulgee National Monument

The second day of our trip with the pack this past weekend was to Ocmulgee National Monument. It was raining, but the boys were fascinated. One of the rangers was nice enough to talk to the boys at the start about the mounds and the history. There was a 17minute video about it as well. We weren't sure the boys would sit for it, but amazingly enough they did. They'd already looked at the exhibits before the video, but after they had to make a point and go back and look again.

The first stop when we went out was to the Earth Lodge. Inside the Earth Lodge. The floor is original, the timbers are not.

From there we went to the Great Temple Mound. It has a gorgeous view on a good day of the wetlands to one side and downtown Macon on the other.


I want to go back and do this one again on a pretty day. We didn't get to tour the other mounds thanks to the rain.

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