Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kinda Ironic

I was talking in the teacher's lounge last week with another sub about how few calls I've received to actually work. For the month of January I had a total of 3 days planned to work. Then, not two days later, I had a teacher who happened to have been there call for me to work. She had a fever. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't doing so hot myself. Ugh. The only other day I've been asked to work but declined was my birthday. I just couldn't see myself working.

So, we'll see how much extra work I end up with. I tend to pre-schedule myself when I've nothing else planned to go in to the aquarium to volunteer instead. Those days I have to give a day's notice or they get a little perturbed with me. I have two of those days scheduled this week and one next. The one next week is at the Flower Show. That one I really look forward to. It'll give me a chance to wander while still working.

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