Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warner Robins

Saturday the pack went to Warner Robins. Unfortunately, most of my inside shots didn't come out. Here are two pictures that did ok, though. This first one is of my son in the cockpit of one of the planes.

This one is my son and one of his best friends in front of a jet outside.

The weather was rather cool when we went, but the boys seemed to enjoy it regardless. We left to head down around 8:30-9a and got there around 10:30. The boys toured the Eagle building first, then we stopped for pre-arranged box lunches. After that, we toured the outside display and watched a few of the remaining marathoners cross the finish line.

The Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins has 4 buildings, so when we'd finished outside we stopped into each of the remaining buildings. From what I saw, the highlights for most of the boys were the outside displays, the mock-ups and the simulators. We spent the entire day (from 10:30 to museum close at 5p) out there. Definitely a fun trip.

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