Thursday, October 02, 2008

Running in Circles

I'm chasing my tail with Cub Scouts. Just as I start getting my new boys situated, I get more new boys. Not that I really mind. The drop out rate is 75% generally. I can't say why, other than it's not what the boys expected. With roundup Tuesday night at a new elementary school, I added approximately 8 more boys to my den. Of those, I figure 2 or 3 might actually stay. That'll increase my den size to 11. My son says he's convinced the boys he's recruited that they need to start coming starting this Sunday. If he really has, that'll be 2-3 more boys as well, which would raise my number to 14. Worst case scenario, everyone that registered shows up and the previously recruited boys show, I'll have a den of 19 boys.

On the flip side, I do have one mom that's going to help out as an assistant leader. At the round-up I've had at least one more mom willing to do full training and another willing to help out as she can. With that, we'll have 3 fully trained leaders, one assistant leader and a volunteer. I think I can manage 19 boys with that many adults. Push comes to shove, we separate into smaller groups to do whatever we're doing.

Now, though, I have new boys that have to start from the beginning. Hopefully our CubMaster will be able to get them started on their bobcats this Sunday which will give them a start. They'll be behind an activity badge, though, as we're due to complete one this Sunday. I'll have to assign homework to the new boys to really catch them up. It's not the new boys fault, but neither can I hold back the ones that have already started. So, it's a catch-22. In the meantime, I feel like I'm running in circles just to catch up with myself.

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