Thursday, September 18, 2008

Titanic at the Georgia Aquarium

I worked the exhibit today to see what it looked like. I have to admit, I found it very interesting. When you enter, they present you with a replica ticket with a passenger name on it. The exhibit itself starts with a small display on the building of the Titanic. It then moves on to what a first class cabin looked like. Very nice. On display are 40 items never before on display. These include (going from memory) a Doulton sink that was in one of the first class cabins, a cold cream container (with cold cream still in it), tins of toothpaste, shaving brush, a milk scalder and much more. From this area you get to see a recreated third class cabin and you can compare just how different the two were. There is a hands on "try to keep the Titanic from sinking" interactive "game", lots of quotes from various passengers and pictures of various passengers.

The exhibit then feeds you to the finding of the Titanic and the items that were recovered. One of the cool things to see are some preserved clothes that were kept in leather suitcases. The tanning process on the leather kept bacteria and such from eating it and thus saved/preserved the items inside. There's even a perfume sample case where you can still smell the perfume.

At the end, you locate your passenger on the list of those saved or lost. Looking at the board makes you really think about what happened, the chaos that was going on and how many were actually lost.

One of the other volunteers used the word "intimate" to describe the exhibit. I have to agree that that is a good word to use. It's a much more intimate display, bringing you that much closer to the people that were there. For the added price you pay on an Aquarium ticket, it's worth the money. There's not much there for the little kiddies, it involves reading to understand what you're looking at. You can, though, rent an audio tour before you enter. I believe it's an added $4 for that.

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