Friday, September 19, 2008

Homework Woes

My son is still having issues focusing on getting his homework done. So starting next week, he isn't likely to like me much. The problem appears to be that he's easily distracted especially when it comes to doing something he doesn't want to do. Part of my solution - no video games at all during the week. Up until now, they've been limited to video games for 1 hr a day only after all homework is done. My son has already shown that he'll tell me he's done it and yet I'll get a report from his teacher saying otherwise. Thus, he plays video games.

If this doesn't work, we'll have to figure out the next step. I'm already cutting back on how often we go to Choi (we have to go 2x's a week to maintain the ability to test) from 3x's a week to 2x's. That leaves one night that he has music, which only delays when he does homework, not really taking a significant amount of time from it. Though, with the lack of practice lately that may go away as well.

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