Wednesday, September 17, 2008

College Memories

Reading one of my favorite blogs (here), she's talking about sending her oldest off to college. She'd asked about favorite memories, but it's all a collage so I don't know that I have ONE favorite. I do have this one, though..

Winter, I lived on campus in Glenn Residence Hall. We'd had an ice storm, so traffic was nonexistent on campus. I (and quite a few others) headed off to the Student Center where we took over old trays and anything else we could find and slid down the street by the stadium.

or this one..

I've just had knee surgery. My classes are all on opposite ends of the campus. My goal - get across campus in 5-10 minutes while on crutches. I discovered I can actually move VERY quickly and most students will actually clear a path from a student in super-swing mode on crutches..

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