Monday, August 27, 2007

Renting a house

It's a pain in the backside. My parents moved to Florida and I volunteered to help by renting out their home. I thought I'd gotten lucky when about a month and a half ago I found someone excited about having an older home. She was wanting to rent and loved the idea of purchasing. She had to close on her house before she would buy theirs, but hey, she'd rent in the meantime.

In the meantime is still going on, she hasn't signed the lease yet. Three times I've set up appointments to meet with her to let her sign the lease. Twice she cancelled on me, the third time she didn't show. She finally called me SIX TIMES today while I was out. My cell phone has decided to die, so I don't know how many times she may have called it. She wants to sign the lease ASAP and move in Thursday.

Now, last I heard she still hadn't closed on her house. If she's pushed it this long while waiting to get her house closed, I wonder if she's really able to afford to rent my parents' house. Of course, when she calls I'll have to raise that question. Turns out too that she told my dad she has a dog. That's an additional deposit for the pet that I have to make sure she pays.

I was nice enough to give her a copy of the lease (unfilled out) so she could review it. She tells me 4 days later (when we're supposed to sign it) that she has to have her lawyer review it. So, we reset the appt. for later and she doesn't show. When she called my dad she was asking questions about stuff clearly in the copy of the lease that I gave her. My dad even asked her if she had her copy of it and she said yes. It makes me wonder if she actually read it, much less had her lawyer look at it.

I've almost decided that it isn't worth messing with her anymore and just finding me a new renter.

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