Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guitar Lessons

Well, my daughter's violin teacher was called out of town on a family emergency. So her first class won't be until Friday. In the meantime, my son went to his class tonight with a new instructor. I'm taking him to the Gwinnett School of Music off of 78 near Lake Lucerne Dr. I'd researched the school, but hadn't really paid attention to the names of the instructors until I actually got there tonight.

It turns out that my son's instructor is Van Temple. He's the guitarist from The Producers. (Check out this video.) A group that hit the top in the early '80s. My son, to say the least, is now excited enough to really want to work toward earning his electric guitar. I'd told him that if he worked hard enough that next summer I'd see about getting him one and he could see about attending Rock Camp.

I did find out that even though my son hasn't practiced guitar since May, he still knows his chords. He's holding them strongly, which Mr. Temple was pleased with.

If what I saw tonight is any indicator, the match between my son and Mr. Temple is a good one. When we left, my son was trying to winkle himself into an electric guitar by/for Christmas. It's still up for discussion and will at least partially be determined by his progress. Oi. I do not look forward to the amp in my house..

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