Sunday, May 06, 2007

I must confess...

I am a gadget-a-holic. It all started with my grandfather. He was a gadget-a-holic. He got me started at a very early age. It started off with little things. Pop-top openers, all-in-one screwdrivers, and others. It has since grown with me. I've advanced up to small electronic gadgets, though for some reason all-in-one screwdrivers are still fun to get. My house is a cluttered mess with things big and little. Most of the little stuff are my gadgets.. paper slicers, pens that fold, all-in-one screwdrivers, Roomba, bluetooth, pens that are radios, iPod, Mix-Max, calculators and lots of others. I am a gadget-a-holic.
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