Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What a day (already)

I should have known by the way my evening ended that the start of today wasn't going to be pretty. Start with the fact that as hubby goes to get in bed, he finds it wet (not on my side). Apparently our canine friend camped out on the bed at some point yesterday and dribbled. Thus, bed stripping #1.

Then around 2a a canine outside decided to make lots of noise for an hour or so. While listening to this, my daughter gets up and projectiles my carpet. Carpet cleaning #2.

Get up this morning, find out that daughter has puked on her bed and not gotten us up. Bed stripping #3.

Hubby is going to stay home with child #1, only to find that child #2 feels like puking. Yea. Just as well, morning continues with futon stripping #4. Daughter is now in bath, son is "hiding" in the playroom. My washing machine is going to love me today. Ugh.

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