Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scout Weekend

It's a scout weekend. My hubby is taking my daughter and her friend to a Daisy thing out at the Imagine-It Museum in Atlanta today. I get to take my son to a Sonic and sell their community cards for the Cub Scout Pack. I think my hubby is in for an adventure, for certain.

Sunday is a leader meeting for the Cub Scouts followed by a den meeting for the boys. If all goes well (HA!) my boys will have earned everything for their Wolf Badges. I somehow doubt it'll all go that well.

The lady I mentioned earlier with the baby finally had it Friday morning at 2a. I doubt her son has had much opportunity to finish his homework. I also have another mom, who for whatever reason, doesn't do what you'd think she would. I had to give her son his list of homework for Cub Scouts at school (he missed two den meetings and a pack meeting). So we'll see if he's done any of that.

Push comes to shove, we've a meeting on Feb. 18th that I hadn't planned on having, but may anyway to give those two a chance to catch up.

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